Marketing outsourcing is defined as an innovative means to accomplish a company's marketing objectives. That makes this strategy unique.

Outsourcing various marketing functions itself is nothing new. Companies have long hired outside vendors to execute direct mail, advertising, public relations and many other deliverables. But the complete outsourcing of the marketing function goes beyond such tactics.

It will be extremely challenging for large companies to maintain the required Strategic/Marketing initiatives taken.even during uncertain economic down turn. Companies can therefore take the benefit from Out sourcing companies to take on their competition.

When a company outsources its marketing, a single resource assumes responsibility for the marketing function. It includes everything from research, analysis, strategy, planning and management to execution of advertising, public relations, direct marketing, internal communications, Web marketing and even media buying, placement and printing.

Outsourcing provides the company the required access to expertise in every marketing discipline. Experienced team of specialists can complement this critical assignment.

Such flexibility probably will be the most critical benefit of marketing outsourcing; A company pays only for the services used for the length of time needed.

Marketing Process outsourcing is an integrated process that combine all the marketing functions together as it is more strategic. It starts with analysis of the business objectives& deployment of necessary resources to ensure meeting the company's goals as effectively and efficiently .


Marketing outsourcing delivers the following :

Improved focus on companies core competencies.

Company personnel are now free to creatively innovate & add value for the organisation even if a company has its own marketing department.

Media and discipline neutrality.

As the objective of the company is not to sell advertisement /Public relation,they will identify and deploy only the necessary resources needed based on their strategic analysis to meet the Company's organizational goal.

Reduced overhead.

Business can save on additional office space/staff/Office gadgets etc when these functions are outsourced.

Access to Talent :

In-house marketing staff may not always have the skills needed or will have to invest their precious amount of time in coordination activities with various agencies making the entire process combursome.. Outsourcing to an experienced marketing team can integrate smoothly into the organization.It not only brings in innovative ideas and added energy, but also the high-level talent needed to execute the goals of the marketing campaign.

Outsider Perspective :

As the is insulated from the Culture of the company, objective view point can be offered by the outsourcing company. It is very difficult or near to impossible for executive of the organization to do so

Consistence performance irrespective of Market dynamics (Internal/External):

When important /Key personnels of an organization leave there is void created & this affects the Marketing programme of the company. With outsourcing of the marketing functions, Come what may Marketing Programme proceeds un interrupted.


The above reasons make marketing outsourcing deliver real value, efficiently, consistently thereby partnering with the organization for achieving greater heights.