2014-Foot Ball WorldCup; An eye-opener for Business enterprises

The recently concluded football world cup throws open an interesting analogy for business enterprises as they envisage similar challenges as encountered by the teams in the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

a.Disruptive change :The traditional South American style of football is challenged by the innovative European style or the emerging  Africana style. Brazil being a victim of this change.Businesses however large they may be , have to keep their eyes & ears open. Marketing department needs to constantly identify the trend in the Market Place & help organization to quickly equip itself to address this change.

b.Backup Plan  :Brazil failed to have a contingency plan. They were over dependent on a few of their set players.They did not sufficiently equip themselves  to address  any eventualities to their PlayersEnterprises should always have Plan B even though they do not foresee any challenge immediately as misfortune always strike out of the blue leaving the enterprise dumbstruck.

c.Individual Talent Vs Team Talent :Brazil & Argentina might have individual talent in their Players but then as a Team Germany could wade off this challengeIndividual talent is desirable in an enterprise but then it is the onus on the Marketing Department to develop suitable strategy to synergise this talent operating in silos, to an Organisational Talent  & thereby gain competitive advantage at the market place.

d.Hype :There was considerable hype created for the Brazilian Football team with predictions fmade for their becoming the winners in  the World Cup-2014. Brazilians were carried away in this hype without a rational analysis.

The marketing department in an enterprise should always administer the right dosage of hype at the Market place else it may boomerang.