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A Strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve certain defined objectives. In business firms, objectives are generally stated in terms of sales volume, rate of growth, profit percentages, market share, return over investment etc.., This is very important to give a purpose and direction to strategies

Strategies are developed at various levels in the organization-Corporate, Divisional, Business unit, Department etc.

At the heart of any business is its Marketing strategy. The marketing objectives and strategies are to be developed taking into account the firm’s core competencies and also its resources. A marketing strategy is composed of several interrelated elements namely Product/Market selection, Price, Distribution system, Market communications. Depending upon the nature of business and its markets, marketing strategy may include various other elements.

A firm has a competitive advantage when it implements a strategy competitors are unable to duplicate or find too difficult to imitate.The strategic management process is the full set of commitments, decisions and actions required for a firm to achieve strategic competitiveness.

We at Credence Strategic Marketing Process Outsourcing is committed to holistically take care of various critical elements in the Marketing process of your organization to ensure that the firm develop a competitive advantage thereby giving a sustainable growth.

Customer satisfaction shall be our overriding priority & we will do absolutely everything it takes to make sure you experience value in our offerings. We will never place financial gain above ethics & lawful behavior and strive towards excellent corporate citizenship.

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